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Monitoring Women's Political Participation

Books, reports and journals

Title Gender Think Piece: Malaysian Women’s Entry into Politics
Author: Lynda Lim

Title: Expanding Democracy, Enlarging Women’s Spaces
Author: Maria Chin Abdullah

Title: Empowering Women for Stronger Political Parties
Lead Author: Julie Ballington
Publisher: United Nations Development Programme
Date of publication: 2012

Title:Gender Quotas & Women’s Representation in Muslim Countries
Author: Senem Ertan
Presented: 2nd European Conference on Politics & Gender
Date: 2011

Title: Representation of Malaysian Women in Politics
Author: Usha Devi Rajaratnam
Date: 2010

Title: Gaining ground? Southeast Asian women in politics and decision-making, ten years after Beijing: a compilation of five country reports.
Author: Beate Martin, et al.
Publisher: Friedrich Ebert Stifung
Date of publication: 2004

Title: Women and Party Politics in Peninsular Malaysia
Author: Virginia H. Danz
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Date of publication: 1987
Synopsis: This book traces the trajectories of the politics of Malaysian women and the barriers faced by them.